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Vehicle crashes into sign in Youngsville; driver arrested

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

One woman has been arrested after running into a sign in Youngsville, then fleeing the scene.

Ken Ritter, the mayor of Youngsville, uploaded a photo to his Facebook page on Sunday; showing the Youngsville Sports Complex sign, located on the roundabout near the sports complex, split in half.

"We will rebuild," Ritter stated on his Facebook post Sunday morning. "You can't keep a good roundabout down!"

The sign was damaged around 3:30AM on Oct. 30 after a woman driver crashed through it. Police responded to the crash, which was located on the roundabout at Chemin Metairie and Detente Rd. when the discovered the damaged sign.

After officers searched the area, they located the suspect’s vehicle on Guillot Road. She was arrested and given a summons for hit-and-run. It is possible that she was distracted, however, impairment has not be determined. The case remains under investigation.


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