Even St. Julien

Christ Follower. Founder/News Anchor of EVEN News. Marketing Director of Haseya's Animal Rescue. Extreme Animal Lover. Christmas Addict. 

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My Story

Even St. Julien is a 14 year old from Mire, Louisiana. In 2016, St. Julien established a news station on Facebook. Reporting the news on camera from a spare room in his house, his followers grew day by day as people from Acadiana loved his news content. Throughout the years, St. Julien was featured on KATC, Fox 15, Community Chronicles, The Acadiana Advocate, Pure Country Radio 106.7 FM, and 94.5 FM KSMB. He also met and was praised by Jim Cantore, a celebrity meteorologist.


His news station crew from not only newscast, but to a various amount of segments, such as the Sweet P's Cooking Show, Event Hunter, On Location with Even St. Julien, and the Even St. Julien Baking Series. When St. Julien is not reporting, his favorite things to do our to host parties with friends, sing, cook, and play with his dogs and cats, in which he refers to as his "angels." Even St. Julien covers major storms from the center. St. Julien has lead anchored many of EVEN New's live feeds for hurricanes Barry, Laura,  Marco, Delta, and most recently, Ida.


St. Julien attends Parkview Christian School. His future goals is to be a singer, but if that isn't successful, he plans to be a educational administrator. 


St. Julien was asked to be the marketing director for Haseya's New Beginning Animal Rescue, a rescue in Rayne and Crowley. The rescue recognized Even's extreme love for animals and his hard-working characteristics. 


Those who know Even know his extreme love for God. He was born and raised Catholic, and still attends the catholic church in his hometown each Sunday with his mother, Celeste Prejean Touchet. St. Julien lets nothing come between his relationship with God. 


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