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You can't visit Louisiana and not eat at one of the best food places, even Jim Cantore can't.

Even St. Julien, Acadiana's kid reporter, had the chance to meet Jim Cantore Thursday afternoon at Cajun Claws Seafood Boilers in Duson.

When Even heard Cantore was there, he and his grandparents flew down the road to the restaurant.

They acted as if they needed to use the bathroom

so it did not seem awkward,

and immediately went and asked to take a picture, and he said "of course!"

Cantore, 56, is a celebrity meteorologist for The Weather Channel who will be covering Hurricane Delta in Breaux Bridge.

Sara Doga, one of the manager's at Cajun Claws said "It was an honor to have Jim at our restaurant." When we asked what he ate, she said he had "boiled crabs, and boiled shrimp. We had to show him how to peel the crabs and he said the food was awesome and he plans to return."

"He is the nicest guy I ever met." said St. Julien,

"he immediately got up and shuck my hand.

It was truly one of the best day's of my life."


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