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St. Mary Parish authorities post love note to wanted fugitive, attempting to have him turn himself in

ST. MARY PARISH, La. -- Officials in St. Mary Parish are attempting to get a fugitive to turn himself in, but there's a twist.

"In the quiet of the afternoon, as I sit and ponder, my heart aches with the weight of our distance," the post stated.

St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office is taking advantage of Valentine's love note tradition and using it in a new, and quite funny, way: to convince wanted fugitive Chad M. Bertrand of Patterson, LA, to turn himself in for his warrant for the charge of criminal neglect of family.

"Your aloofness leaves us adrift, yearning for the warmth of your financial support, for the responsibilities we once shared," the "love note" stated. "I beseech you, Chad, to reach out to break the silence that threatens to drown us in its depths. "with every beat of my heart, I pray for contact with you for the soothing melody of your voice."

The likeliness of the romantic note actually working is slim, but the SMPSO has a heart of optimism this Valentine's Day.

"With all the love that resides within us, [sincerely] the Warrants Division of the SMPSO."


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