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Woman throws 6-month-old infant in trash can, proceeds to fight another individual in Eunice

On Saturday, June 22, around 3:30 p.m., Eunice Police responded to Walmart in response to a dispute that appeared to be ongoing between multiple ladies.

Officers arrived to find that the altercation had ended and that all parties had been taken into custody. Officers looked into the matter further and saw from the video footage that the brawl happened close to Walmart's entrance and exit.

One of the people engaged, Brionka Benjamin, 38, of Opelousas, was holding her infant, who was six months old, in her arms. There was a disagreement between her and some other people, leading to Benjamin throwing the her baby into a nearby trash can and proceeding to punch another individual.

The baby was said to be not injured and was released to other family members.

Brionka Benjamin was arrested and charged with simple battery and cruelty to juveniles.

Another individual, identified as Makatelynn Benjamin, 20, Opelousas, who is Brionka's niece, was also arrested and charged with simple battery for her involvement.


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