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VIDEO: "Plethora of fights" break out at Rice Festival on Friday evening

According to a submitted video and the Crowley Police Department, a large amount of fighting broke out at the Rice Festival. (Video is below.)

Witnesses say that a large amount of juveniles were fighting, all simultaneously.

The International Rice Festival, the oldest and largest agricultural festival in Louisiana, is on day two of it's annual festivities.

A witness told EVEN News that they "were riding rides and walking around, and from the tracks, an entire flood of people came from between the rides and started fighting everywhere." the witness stated.

Despite the rumor speculating that there was gun shots fired, Crowley Police have confirmed that there was no "shooting", however, there was a "plethora of fights." The police department said they will be shutting down the rides for the night.

"I didn't see any shots or hear any shots fired," stated the witness.

Below is a video submitted to EVEN News from an anonymous viewer. Be advised that the music played in the video contains inappropriate language:


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