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Two juveniles arrested in connection with the social media threats made towards Lafayette High

Two Lafayette High students have been arrested in connection with the threats made over social media that forced Lafayette High into a lock down twice this week.

The two students were arrested Thursday. One of the students was booked with two counts terrorizing, due to his/her involvement involvement in the Monday social media threat and the Thursday social media threat. The second student was booked with one count of terrorizing, only being involved in one of the social media threats.

"Detectives with the Lafayette Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division began aggressively deploying resources to locate where the threats came from, along with identifying the individuals who were responsible for creating this panic in our community,” the release continues.  "Throughout the investigation detectives were able to determine the source of the social media threats. Two juvenile students at Lafayette High School were arrested. One juvenile was charged with 2 counts of Terrorizing, the second juvenile was charged with 1 count of Terrorizing. Both juveniles were booked into the Lafayette Juvenile Detention Center.”

Police warned that they will take all threat of “violence towards students and schools” seriously. “Situations like this cause panic and stress, and takes away valuable time from all students in this area. We will investigate all threats to the fullest extent and continue to protect all students in the Lafayette Parish School System.”

The first lockdown was Monday, after a threat was made on Twitter. Three days later, the school was placed into a second lockdown due to another social media threat made on Instagram. The threat included names of teachers, and students, and stated that they have a gun.


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