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Traffic stop in Duson leads to pursuit that resulted in a crash in Rayne

DUSON, La. (ENN) -- Duson Police say a traffic stop turned into a pursuit that lead to a crash in Rayne early Wednesday morning

Police attempted to stop a work type utility truck for a traffic infraction, but upon the officer illuminating his emergency lights and siren, the driver began to accelerate and "make evasive manuevers," police said.

The suspect fled into the unicorporated area of Acadia Parish towards Rayne, and the police gave pursuit. Only about a mile into his attempts to out run the officer, the driver lost control and exited the roadway while attempting to regain control of his truck the vehicle began to flip. The pursuit ended with a utilty truck severely damaged and the driver having minor injuries.

Jamie Menard of Rayne, LA will be issued a list of traffic citations as well as a citation for flight from an officer.


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