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Sheriff deputies give life-saving treatment at school basketball game in St. Mary Parish

BALDWIN, La (ENN)-- St. Mary Parish Sheriff deputies gave a collapsed referee life-saving treatment during a West St. Mary High School Basketball game.

K9 Sgt. Ashleigh Wilson and her husband Lt. Chad Wilson were working a detail on Friday Jan. 19, at a West St. Mary High School basketball game when a referee collapsed on the court. Immediately, Lt. Wilson and Sgt. Wilson immediately began administering CPR to the collapsed referee who was no longer breathing and without a pulse. Trainer Wydrick Harding also joined in the life-saving technique of the next several minutes.

Sgt. Daesha Hughes, with the New Iberia Police Department, was there in attendance to watch the game and gave assistance as well until the Baldwin Fire Department were able to arrive with an AED.

Acadian Ambulance arrived shortly after and were able to take over the medical care. The referee was taken to a local hospital, along with Sgt. Craig Lewis of the New Iberia Police department, who was also a referee for the game. Sgt. Lewis stayed at the hospital until the family of the collapsed referee was able to arrive.

"We want to say 'good job', to all those who performed their duties so well," St. Mary Parish officials stated in a Facebook post. "...well done."


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