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Scott firefighters turn “traumatic situation” into a memorable experience after child was struck in the face by a baseball

SCOTT, La. (ENN) — After a child was struck in the face by a baseball at a tournament in Scott on Saturday afternoon, first responders turned the “traumatic” situation into a fun, memorable experience.

Scott Fire Chief Chad Sonnier wrote on Facebook on Sunday that a “child was struck in the face with a ball and began bleeding profusely.” Thats when Scott firefighters responded almost immediately to contain the bleeding and further medically assist the child.

“As Chief, day-in and day-out, I see incidents which challenge the resolve of our members. After an emergency incident is brought under control and/or everyone is deemed safe, personnel go above and beyond, to provide good customer service.”

According to his statement, after medical treatment was provided and the bleeding was stopped, the two SFD personnel invited the injured child and rest of his baseball team to a fire unit to look at the equipment (jaws of life, medical equipment and gear worn by firefighters).

“Their actions transformed a traumatic situation into one that will be remembered for years to come by the child and his peers,” Chief Sonnier stated. “This is what makes SFD so special!!!”

EVEN News would like to extend gratitude to the Scott FD, and all emergency services personnel all across the country, for their contiuned service and selfless dedication to serving.


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