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Rayne Police say another human bone discovered at church; suspect identified

ACADIA PARISH, LA (EVEN NEWS)- Rayne Police say that another human bone was discovered on Tuesday at the same location as the first discovery.

Police have identified the suspect in connection to the discovery of the human remains at St. Joseph Church in Rayne on May 18 and May 23.

Russell "Rusty" Richard (44) of Rayne has been identified, by police, as the alleged suspect. After being identified and questioned by detectives, Mr. Richard has cooperated and has identified the cemetery on the north side of Roberts Cove Hwy, just outside of Rayne, as the source of the stolen bones.

Chief Stelly said, "This is a unique case, and we appreciate the patience and support of the community and the congregation of St. Joseph Church as we continue our investigation," the Chief stated. "Investigators are in the process of trying to identify family members of the stolen bones."

Police said that Richard's motive was to "have the bones blessed and properly reburied."

Detectives have obtained an arrest warrant for Russell “Rusty” Richard for (2) counts of illegal possession of human remains in violation of LA R.S. 25:955.


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