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Police officer joins basketball game with local youth members of Rayne

A group of boys from the Gateway Subdivision in Rayne were playing a game of pick-up basketball when a police officer from their local police department joined them.

Chelsea Nicole Myers, a witness of this great act posted on Facebook (the post link is below)

"With all racial injustices going on in the world it’s so nice to open up your front door and be reminded that Solidarity still exist." said Myers.

The officer was Trevor Pellerin, of the Rayne Police Department. "What motivates me to always be the best police officer and person I can be, is that the career path that I have chosen is more than a job for me." said Officer Pellerin in a statement to EVEN News. "It’s a lifestyle for me, being a role model to any child and/or teenager is something that has inspired me to always do the right thing and to do the very best that I can do. Also, I know that anybody that sees any police officer driving down the street is watching very closely. I want to take that opportunity to be the change that I want to see in the world and if that happens to be showing that not all police officers are bad by playing one basketball game at a time I’ll do it. I hope to show the great community of Rayne that not only myself but the Rayne Police Department as a whole cares for this city and for all of the amazing citizens that live in here. A police officer to me is someone that the community should be able to count on and trust, someone that can be relied on to be there when you need them. Everyday I strive to be that police officer, because every community deserves law enforcement that can be trusted and relied on for any task that’s at hand, whether it be something small or large. As a police officer, without my communities trust, there is no relationship. As a police officer I swore to protect and serve my community and everyone within it. I want my community to know that they can rely on me and everyone within our department..What’s a better way to show that we can be relied on then taking a small amount of time to be apart of that amazing community?"

EVEN News also spoke with the Chief of Police in Rayne, Carroll Stelly. "We are very fortunate to have such great officers who love our community and the job they do. Officer Trevor Pellerin stopped by and played basketball with a group of young boys yesterday afternoon. The job of a police officer is to protect and serve but it is also showing children that they can trust police officers, they like to enjoy life just as everyone does. This creates a great relationship throughout the community. I am very proud of Officer Pellerin for taking the time to get to know these young boys and enjoy a game of basketball with them!"

You can see the original post below:


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