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Organizers create new Mardi Gras Krewe for kids/teens in Acadiana

(LAFAYETTE, LA - EVEN News)- Organizers have created a new Mardi Gras Krewe, specifically for kids/teens in the Acadiana area.

Founders, which includes EVEN News' Even St. Julien, officially launched Krewe de Jeunesse (meaning Crew of Youth) after legally filing with the State of Louisiana.

"We wanted to create this Krewe to give kids and teenagers the opportunity to celebrate Mardi Gras the way that adults get too in other Krewes," stated Brooke Reed, the Krewe's Historian. "Our Krewe will be a great way for children to meet new people, celebrating Mardi Gras year-round, and experience the fun of any other traditional Mardi Gras Krewe."

The Krewe will be accepting applications for members until May 3, 2023. Being a member of the Krewe gives you access to all of the fun; the annual Ball, monthly socials, parades, opportunities to be Krewe Royalty (king, queen, dukes, and duchesses), and so much more.

To inquire about joining, you can visit the Krewe's website by clicking here or email them at

"Our Board of Directors have lots of great activities planned for Krewe members and our main goal right now to build our Krewe," Reed stated. "We encourage all kids and teenagers in the Acadiana area to join. They will not regret it!"


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