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One juvenile arrested at Comeaux High in connection to a sexual battery incident

Lafayette, LA – On Thursday March 30, 2023, a Lafayette Police School Resource Officer was made aware of an incident which had occurred during the school day at Comeaux High School.

The school resource officer, along with Comeaux High School Adminstrators, promptly began investigating the allegation to confirm the information and to determine what had occurred.

Through the investigation, it was determined that a juvenile student was victimized by another student, also a juvenile, while at the school. Lafayette Police have arrested 1 juvenile suspect and charged him with Sexual Battery.

Due to the sensitivity of this investigation as it relates to juveniles, the Lafayette Police Department cannot comment further on this incident, however, investigators denied the rumors claiming this was a rape case.

"The Lafayette Police Department was made aware of a potential rumor circulating on social media in reference to this incident being reported as a rape allegation. The Lafayette Police Department can confirm that no rape occurred during this incident."

This investigation is currently ongoing.


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