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New mexican restaurant replacing previous one in Scott: post

SCOTT, La (EVEN) - A new mexican restaurant is opening soon, replacing the previous one at the same location.

La Zamba Mexican Grill is set to open "soon," according to Manuel Rodriguez, owner.

This news comes after the beloved La Rumba restaurant, located in the same building, chain announced that the two owners would be separating, forcing it to close.

EVEN News spoke with one of the La Rumba owners, and the owner stated that they tried "to renew the lease to upgrade the location like the one in Crowley but [the building owner] wanted 10,000 in less than six years he went to double the price, and he took our entrance." Though, some in contact with the building owner has stated that this wasn't true.

Now, Manuel Rodriguez, the former co-owner of La Rumba, will be remaining at the same location. 308 HWY 93 North, Scott, LA, under a new name: La Zamba Mexican Grill.


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