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Mike Pence, former VP, announces he is running for President

Former Vice President Mike Pence announced that he is running for President.

On Monday, Pence filed the paperwork for his bid for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, setting up a clash with his former running mate and boss, President Donald Trump.

Pence will enter the 2024 race polling the mid-single digits, far behind Trump and also significantly trailing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who trails Trump by double-digits but is firmly in second place, ahead of the former vice president and the rest of the field of actual and likely candidates.

"Should we enter the race later this week I’m very confident that we’ll have the support to be able to carry our message, tell our story, which is not just my years as vice president but also years as governor of a conservative state leading a conservative agenda, record employment, as also being a conservative leader in the Congress of the United States, fighting against the big spenders in my own party," Pence emphasized in a Fox News interview this past weekend.

Pence is a former Vice President, former Governor of Indiana, and US congressman.

Along with Pence's announcement, Chris Christie recently announced his bid for the Presidency as well.

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