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Man unknowingly brings joy, through music, to grieving family

LAFAYETTE, LA (EVEN News) - A Lafayette Mom went to Facebook today to thank a man for unknowingly bringing joy to her family on Tuesday evening.

Mauryana Wilson, a widowed mother to 3 children who recently lost their father (her husband), made a post on Facebook; explaining how she and her kids were walking out of Super One in Lafayette when a man in the parking lot was playing a song loudly in his vehicle.

"Walking out of SuperOne tonight with the kids, and at the perfect moment as we step out of the doors, a truck is coming into the parking lot playing “Casanova” by Keith Frank," Wilson stated. "If you knew Chuckie then you know that was one of this man’s favorite songs. It’s one of the first songs he and Oliver bonded over."

Chuckie was Wilson's husband and the father to their 3 children. He passed away in February of 2021. Wilson explained how Chuckie and their son, Oliver, bonded over the song (Casanova by Keith Frank). "Oliver still knows it almost word for word and has since he was about 1 1/2 years old. It was him and Chuckie’s song."

Wilson continued by explaining how the man playing the song brought a "lump of tears that welled up in [her] throat instantly." "I can't be convinced that Chuckie didn’t make that moment happen," she said.

The family, after hearing the song as they walked into the parking lot, stopped to dance to the song; cherishing a moment brought to them by their guardian angel through a man - unknowingly.

"I stopped in the middle of the doorway of Superone and I danced with our children, and we smiled and laughed," Wilson explained. She said that the man even "turned his radio up louder and slowed down" for them to enjoy the moment a little longer.

Now, Wilson is thanking the man, through Facebook, for suddenly bringing her family immense joy just by playing that certain song. "To that man if you see this, just know my husband absolutely used you to help remind me that he is always with me. And I thank you for seeing us and taking an extra minute out of your time to slow down and let us enjoy that moment together."

Wilson said that she made the post to show her appreciation to the man, but also to encourage others who may be in the same situation. "Just wanted to encourage anyone else struggling this holiday season, our special people in Heaven are here in our hearts, they are watching, and they are loving us from afar," she added. "The holidays are hard without Chuckie, but he never fails to find a way to send me a little message when I need it most."

Wilson shared a video of Oliver dancing to the song by Keith Frank. View below:


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