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Man hits woman with baseball bat, leading to a standoff with police in Lafayette

LAFAYETTE, La. (ENN) – Lafayette Police were on scene of a domestic disturbance incident "in progress" dispatch early Wednesday morning.

The incident occurred in the 200 block Eighth Street in Lafayette around 12:15 a.m., police say. An eyewitness told police that a male suspect had been seen hitting a female victim with a baseball bat. When the witness went up to the male suspect to attempt to stop him from hitting the female, the suspect pulled out a gun and aimed it at the witness. After leaving the scene, the witness called the police to ask for help, while the suspect reportedly ran away on foot and went inside an abandoned house on Eighth Street.


Officers were able to confirm the male suspect was still inside that abandoned residence, and was subsequently able to establish communication with him. The suspect initially refused to comply with officers and would not exit the abandoned residence.

After a brief standoff, he exited the residence peacefully and surrendered to Lafayette Police without further incident. The suspect was arrested and is awaiting booking.


The female victim was provided with medical aid and is recovering from minor injuries.


More details will be released, including the suspect's identity, in the coming hours.


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