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Man chased by naked woman with an axe in the woods in Slidell

SLIDELL, La. (ENN) — The public is being asked to assist the Slidell Police Department in their search for a woman who was allegedly seen brandishing an axe at a campsite.

Officers say that on Monday at 7:24 p.m., a male called to report that a lady with an axe had chased him out of the woods. The victim proceeded into a neighboring stretch of woods to check on a man he had been helping to find his way back to Mississippi, he told Slidell police. The victim claimed that while he was there, a furious woman who was barefoot and wielding an axe approached him.

He reportedly told officers that the woman then raised the axe over her head and began to chase him. As he ran, he said the woman was close behind him but was able to outrun her and make it to his vehicle.

Slidell police said the woman was last seen walking down a public road still unclothed.

An arrest warrant has been issued for charges of aggravated assault and obscenity – second offense. Anyone with information on the woman’s location is asked to call the SPD.


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