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Louisiana teacher arrested for indecent behavior with juveniles

MONROE, La- A former Louisiana teacher who was arrested for computer-aided solicitation of a minor is now facing an additional charge.

Tatum Hatch, 32, was arrested after her charge was upgraded to indecent behavior with juveniles. Hatch, a former teacher at West Monroe High School, was arrested on January 3 in connection with an alleged relationship with a 15-year-old student.

An original protection order was issued during her last court date Jan. 5. Hatch has been under house arrest since Jan. 11. Judge Walt Caldwell ordered Hatch not to be in contact with the victim.

During a court hearing Jan. 12, Caldwell said that he wanted the protection order to remain due to what he called “very serious allegations.”

The additional charge of indecent behavior with juveniles comes after Hatch was accused of sending nude pictures to a student and touching the student inappropriately.

According to court documents, the 15-year-old victim showed his father an Instagram message thread that supported the victim’s claims.

Hatch has been scheduled to appear in court on Feb. 6. She remains under house arrest.


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