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Local fire department deems rumors false; says annual fundraiser will continue

MIRE, La. (ENN) -- A local fire department is speaking out against rumors about their annual fundraiser.

Rumors on social media recently claimed that Mire Vol. Fire Department will no longer be hosting their annual benefit in the future. However, department officals tell EVEN News Network that the rumors are not true.

"We would like the community to know that the rumors are just that: rumors. Not facts," Allyson Allen, President of MVFD, tells ENN. "Our annual benefit will continue in the future as it always has."

Allen also added in her statement that the fire department is thankful to their community for helping support the department, helping in making this year's fundraiser one of the most successful than previous years.

"We are so grateful to have such an outstanding community of supportive people," Allen stated. "Because of them, we had one of the most successful benefits we've ever had. We are so so thankful to all who came out."

The fundraiser is held annually at the Rayne Civic Center and department officials say that all raised funds go to keeping their fire equipment up-to-date for the safety of their firemen, and also helping the department be the best of service for their community and surrounding areas.


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