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Local animal shelter urges public not to surrender animals after hours

Dog left in cage on side of Haseya's building

Haseya's New Beginning Animal Rescue/Shelter is known for being one of the most successful rescues in saving animals from abandonment.

On Friday night, the rescue's President received a text message from someone who had seen a dog left in a cage on the side of their Rayne location's building. "Leaving a dog in a small kennel in the elements in the front of a dog shelter after hours is NEGLECT..." stated in a Facebook post by a Haseya's New Beginning Animal Rescue official.

A dog was surrendered by being placed in a dog kennel (in the front of the shelter's building) during a rainstorm, consisting of heavy rain, lightning, and thunder.

"Do not... I repeat... DO NOT leave an animal at either of our facilities after hours!!!!!" the official urged, "if you need to surrender a dog, come to us, talk to us, we will do everything in our power to help. We will never judge you!"

Haseya's New Beginning's Animal Rescue can be found on Facebook and at

All of us at EVEN News want to take this opportunity to thank Haseyas for all of their tremendous work and efforts to help the stray animals in the Acadia Parish area. We also condemn anyone who acts in such a way represented above. No animal should be left out in the open during bad weather.


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