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Local animal shelter rescues dog from extreme starvation

A local animal shelter rescued this pitbull named Chance from starvation on Monday.

An emotional live video from the President of Haseya’s New Beginning Animal Rescue, Kelli Briscoe, the rescue that saved the pit bull, sparked many in concern of the dog. “You can see every rib, every bone. He has pressure sores all here...” Briscoe stated in the video.

Briscoe took Chance to the vet, where she later updated the rescue’s followers. “Update on Chance, he had hundreds of plastic pieces in his stool, looked like from eating a plastic food bowl trying to stay alive. 🥺 our vets did an ultrasound and x-ray and it looks like all the pieces have passed thankfully, but we will be monitoring him closely. We will increase the food 1/4 per week, pressure sores will get better in time. He will stay over night at our vets office and we will pick him up in the morning and continue to give you all updates. I can’t wait to hold him in my arms again and let him know everything will be ok now. His life has changed TODAY.”

The rescue urges anyone who sees animals going through such thing, to report it. The shelter does supply people in need of dog food, and dog supplies. You can contact them at their website below.

Donations are the only financial income for the rescue. If you can donate, please click here.

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