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LCA coaches pledge forgiveness to teen after using a racial slur towards a football player

A video showing a teen using a racial slur towards a LCA football player has gone viral on the internet, sparking outrage from people all over Louisiana.

Although the remarks offended many, LCA coaches Reggie and Faulk took this opportunity as a way to teach a lesson of forgiveness - urging everyone to forgive the teenager for his actions.

"Coach Faulk and I had an opportunity to me with this young kid today after seeing a video of him using the N word. I immediately thought of me when I was that age and the things I did out of ignorance," stated Coach Reggie. "The times I heard or said the N word, CRACKER, HONKY etc. Words we have heard on and from both sides of the street. We left feeling as the kid is not the kid we saw on the video nor is his father."

The statement pledges a lesson of forgiveness as the coaches stress the importance of forgiving others. "God’s word to his CHILDREN the same GRACE and MERCY I extend to you give it to others. FORGIVE and YOU will be FORGIVEN."

Coach Reggie reminded many in his statement of how many times "that could have been you or your kid." The coach ended the statement urging LCA to show the kid "some grace and mercy."

As stated in Scripture, God wants His children to forgive others so that they may be forgiven. Matthew 6:14 - "For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you."


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