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GRAPHIC IMAGE: Teen hit in head by glass bottle at Scott parade, requiring 5 staples to head

SCOTT, LA (EVEN News)- During the Scott Mardi Gras parade, a 14-year-old was hit by a glass bottle that was thrown out of a float. The parade began just after 1pm on Sunday afternoon.

"Someone threw a vodka bottle from a Scott, Mardi Gras float and hit my 14yr old in the head," the child's mother, Michelle Leverton, posted on Facebook. The 14-year-old was with his family by McDonald's attending the parade when the incident happen. After the teen was hit by the glass bottle, containing vodka, the teen had to be rushed to the emergency room in an ambulance.

The mother later stated that doctors had to apply 5 staples to the teen's head. "5 staples and $650.00 later," she explained. Leverton is hoping that someone will have details to help them discover who threw the bottle. "Anyone who knows about this please speak up," Leverton stated.

Leverton told EVEN News that the police were informed of the incident. If you have any details on the incident, you can contact Michelle Leverton directly on Facebook Messenger.


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