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Eunice man arrested in connection to a rape and cyberstalking case

Authorities say that a Eunice man has been charged with rape in addition to other offenses after he allegedly filed a fictitious police complaint about using a money-transfer app.

Judson Eldredge, 50, of Eunice has been taken into custody by Eunice Police on allegations of second-degree rape, submitting false public documents, and cyberstalking.

After Eldredge filed a police report accusing a woman of repeatedly transferring money to her Cash App account from his Cash App account without his consent, police stated that their investigation led to the arrest. Eldredge had been willingly transferring the woman the money through his Cash App account, according to the inquiry, investigators claimed.

Before that transfer, authorities said, the woman had met Eldredge at a nearby restaurant and consented to go with him to his apartment, where they had shared alcoholic drinks. Authorities claimed that the woman went to sleep after feeling dizzy and sleepy, woke up, and discovered that Eldredge was raping her.

After the incident, Eldredge continued to use his Cash App account to try to communicate with the victim when she would not respond to him by other means.

Eldredge was booked into the St Landry Parish Jail. Bond details were not released.


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