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Church Point Police respond to claim that a woman was arrested for illegal window tent

A woman uploaded a post to Facebook on Monday, claiming that she was forced out of her vehicle and arrested for having illegal window tent on her vehicle.

EVEN News reached out to the Church Point Police Department for comment, and we received comment back.

"She was stopped for illegal window tint and was arrested," Chief Dale Thibodeaux stated. "She was arrested not for illegal window tint but for resisting an officer by not complying with the officer’s request to exit the vehicle 25 times."

Chief Thibodeauc continued, "As you know Pennsylvania vs Mimms allows an officer to call out a person from a vehicle for officer safety."

Thibodeaux said that this is a criminal matter, and he could not comment any further on the incident. He did say that body camera footage does confirm the officers account of what transpired.


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