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Beloved mexican restaurant in Scott closing at the end of October

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

SCOTT, La (EVEN) - La Rumba Mexican Grill is closing on October 31, according to a post made by the restaurant management.

"As of October 31st, La Rumba Scott will no longer be open," the post stated. "Any restaurant that will operate in the future at 308 LA-93 N, Scott, LA, 70583, is not affiliated with La Rumba."

This news is shocking to many, some saying that they didn't see this coming. "Just when you have something good, they take it away from us! Ya’ll were really the best," one Facebook user commented.

The reasoning behind this news is because of the lease pricing, the resturant says. "...we try to renew the lease [and its] not possible with the price and other things," the FB post continued.

But some say that the reasoning given by the restaurant is not true. We're reaching out for more information, and we will update this article when we receive more details.

A source tells us that the two owners of La Rumba is separating and a new mexican restaurant will open in the same building.


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