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2 girls scamming shoppers, posing as cheerleaders raising money for a local school in Lafayette

LAFAYETTE, LA (EVEN) - A post on Facebook today shows two girls posing as Acadiana High School cheerleaders raising money for the school's cheer camp. A teacher confirmed that there is no cheer fundraisers and that this is a scam.

"These 2 young girls are posing as Acadiana High School cheerleaders. Their speech is that they are fundraising for cheer camp," stated by a teacher at Acadiana High. "Acadiana Cheerleaders are NOT fundraising for any cheer event."

As quoted above, the teacher confirmed in the post that the school is indeed not raising money for any cheer event and that the two girls are scamming people into giving them money.

The two have been seen in the parking lots of Kohls, Hobby Lobby, and Dirt Cheat. If you seem them and they approach you, keep in mind that their cause is a scam.


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