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Shooting at Acadiana High after football game: report

LAFAYETTE PARISH, La (EVEN) - A shooting has took place on Acadiana High School grounds after the school's football game on Friday evening.

According to police, the shooting happened on a road that runs next to the school's practice football field. Police found several shell casings on the road, and several vehicles that had been hit by gunfire.

A witness tells EVEN News that police had all football game spectators in a standstill, and football players and cheerleaders locked down in the facility at the time.

Officers found two handguns, which matched the shell casings. They found one teenager and took him in for questioning. In interegation, he said he and another person were having an argument in the parking lot as people were leaving the game. The teen said that other person pointed a gun at him, so he shot at that person.

The teenager was arrested and booked in to the Lafayette juvenile jail with possession of a gun in a firearm-free zone, illegal discharge of a weapon and three counts aggravated damage to property.

Initially, we reported based off of witness statements that said one individual was shot; however, officers deemed that information false.


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