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Report: Weeks before 100th birthday, Betty White died Friday morning

Beloved actress, comedian and American icon Betty White has died, just weeks before a milestone birthday, according to a report made by TMZ.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ that White passed away at her home just before 9:30 AM Friday.

A trailblazer and pioneer in media, White had the longest running career for any woman in TV prior to her death, starring in multiple shows over the past 8 decades, starting way back in 1939.

Her death comes just weeks before her 100th birthday (January 17).

White is mainly known for her role as Rose Nylund in the old popular television show "Golden Girls", although she has been in many popular TV shows and movies throughout her 60+ years career.

As the world will mourns her loss, we will always remember Betty, and thank her for being a friend.


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