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Mire firemen respond to vehicle fire on I-10 on Sunday night: post

video above is from MVFD’s Facebook page

MIRE, La. (ENN) — Firemen responded to a late night call regarding a vehicle fire on I-10 Westbound.

The fire occurred around the 9:00 p.m. hour on I-10 near Mire. The Mire Vol. Fire Department released footage of their fire fighters extinguishing the fire. In the video, it shows a truck pulling a horse trailer in flames.

“Firefighters were able to contain the fire to the truck with no damage to the attached horse trailer,” the post stated. Officials say that there were two horses in the trailer that were removed upon the arrival of firemen. “…they were safely returned to the trailer to finish their trip with another truck.”

MVFD says a “magnesium reaction to the water during the extinguishment” is included in the video.

No injuries were reported and there is no road closures.


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