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Mike Johnson, LA rep, elected House Speaker

Rep. Mike Johnson, Louisiana representative and native of Shreveport, was elected by the House to become the next speaker as Republicans rallied behind their fourth nominee to replace former Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Johnson could afford only a handful of defections from his fellow Republicans in the chamber-wide vote, but unlike prior candidates, there were no defections to his candidacy from his party.

He won 220 votes, needing around 217 to become speaker.

Democrats meanwhile continued to vote for Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries. He picked up 209 votes from his fellow Democrats.

Johnson scored his party's nomination late Tuesday, with several members absent and three voting present. In just the hours from Tuesday, though, Johnson has shored up support from the three Republicans who voted present in Tuesday's late nomination vote.

Johnson also got support from former President Trump, who gave his support for the GOP nominee, urging Republicans to "get it done, fast" ahead of a potential House speaker vote.


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