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Louisiana legend, Jo-El Sonnier, dead at 77

Grammy award-winning Cajun recording artist Jo-El Sonnier has died at the age of 77 while touring in Texas.

The Louisiana legend had completed a show at the Llano Country Opry on Saturday night before suffering a major heart attack shortly after his performance. According to Texas Country Music promoter Tracy Pitcox, Sonnier ended his show with “Tear-Stained Letter” and received a standing ovation.

Sonnier is a Rayne native and known for many hits, like “No More One More Time,” “Come On Joe,” “I’ve Been Around Enough To Know,” and “Raining In My Heart.” His musical talent emerged early, and he began playing his brother’s accordion by the age of three. By six, he had been on the radio, and by age 11, Sonnier has recorded his first songs.

He is also a member of the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame.


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