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Locally renowned barber to open his own barber company in Lafayette; soon-to-be Acadiana’s newest premier barbershop

LAFAYETTE, La (EVEN) -- The Bourbon Barber Shop is coming to Lafayette soon, and while its name may sound new, the man behind the company is certainly a name you've heard before.

Stoney Dupuis (right) pictured with his wife, Celeste.

Stoney Dupuis, formally-known as Stoney D The Barber, is one of Acadiana's top barbers. A Rayne native, Dupuis has been working his barber skills for many years.

Dupuis worked through other barber companies throughout his career, but now, he is embarking on his own journey.

"I am happy to announce that we will be opening a Barbershop in the next few months. I will be located in the heart of Lafayette in River Ranch," Dupuis stated. "We are working hard on getting the shop ready for all of my current and new clients to have a great experience when coming in."

Currently, Dupuis is cutting at Blended Salon Suites off of Verot School Rd. in Lafayette and he will remain there until the grand opening of his own barber shop, The Bourbon Barber Shop.

Dupuis and his family are getting the final preparations complete ahead of his grand opening. Be on the lookout for more updates through his Facebook page.


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