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Local residents seeking public's assistance in locating their senior-aged dog

JUDICE, LA (EVEN News)- A local family in Lafayette Parish are trying to locate their senior-aged dog, named Poptart, after she went missing on Thursday.

"If you see this dog in the Judice area, near Ridge Rd, please contact me," Marsha Judice stated in her post on Facebook.

Poptart is a 17-year-old dog. According to Judice, the dog is partially blind and deaf, and has dementia.

In a update on the post, Judice reported that a "lady in [a] White Ford Explorer was seen picking her up on a neighbors camera." Judice said she was able to speak with the lady and the lady stated that after Poptart, allegedly, attempts to bite her, she "drove another block and put her on someone's front porch." Judice's husband contacted the resident of the home the lady allegedly brought Poptart too, and the gentleman stated that they have not seen her.

If you have any information regarding Poptart's whereabouts, contact Marsha Judice by call/text at 337-207-9601. A reward will be given for Poptart's safe return home.


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