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Local infant diagnosed with rare form of cancer; donations needed

Updated: Jan 20

(ENN) - One local woman is seeking to raise donations for a local infant that was recently diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

“On January 6, 2024 this precious baby and her mother got the most devastating news any mother ever wants to hear,” Carmen Menard stated. She’s the organizer of the GoFundMe campaign.

The 15-month-old baby’s family was told that the doctors found a 5-centimeter brain tumor, and that the baby needed to be flown to New Orleans hospital for surgery immediately.

After undergoing 12 long days, including 2 surgical operations, doctors later discovered the rare form of cancer, known as Anaplastic Ependymoma.

“At only 15 months old this brave girl has a such a long journey. Her fight has just begun,” Menard stated. “She also has a 3-year-old baby brother at home. Her mother will not be able to work as she will be the primary care giver to her daughter.”

If you would like to donate towards the cause, click here.

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