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Gov. Edwards considers voter turnout of Oct 14. election "historically bad"

STATE NEWS (EVEN) - The primary election in Louisiana was held on Saturday, October 14, and according to Governor John Bel Edwards, the turnout was "historically bad."

According to Edwards, there were about 300,000 fewer voters in the current election than there were in the open primary in 2019. The incumbent governor urged citizens of Louisiana to cast ballots in the runoff election on November 18. “I know our current politics are ugly, but they will only get uglier if we disengage and allow the most partisan, extreme voices to dominate,” Edwards said.

Edwards praised Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser and Governor-elect Jeff Landry in his remarks. With 52% of the vote, Landry was elected governor, and Nungesser was elected to a third term with 66% of the vote. In addition, Edwards praised Shawn Wilson—who he supported—for leading an extraordinary campaign.

“When, not if, Louisiana elects its first Black governor since reconstruction, Shawn Wilson will be one of the main people who made it possible,” Edwards said.


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