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From interim to permanent, Acadia Parish School Board selects their new Superintendent

Image Credit: Eunice News
Image Credit: Eunice News

CROWLEY, La. (ENN) — The Acadia Parish School Board has elected a new Superintendent at a special session on Tuesday evening.

Carol Tall was voted in as the official new Superintendent at a special session of the school board on Tuesday. Tall was previously appointed as “Acting Superintendent” when Scott Richard, her predecessor, initially stepped down ahead of his upcoming retirement in September.

Tall brings 31 years of experience, mostly only in administrative work, within the Acadia Parish School System; starting off as a Speech Therapist, then as Special Education Supervisor, then as Federal Programs Supervisor. Most recently and prior to her previous appointment as Interim Superintendent, she served as Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction.

“I feel that our teachers and our leaders are seeking to have some unity and stability, and a little bit of support, and I am dedicating myself 110% to strive for excellence in Acadia Parish,” Tall stated after being appointed to the big chair on Tuesday. “I look forward to working with each of you [the Board] in a different capacity.”

Tall was elected for the position that had six candidates bidding for it, including herself. The Board voted to decide between the “top two” of the six candidates. The two were determined to be Carol Tall and Kenneth Courville, who is the Supervisor of Child Welfare and Attendance, Transportation, and Special Services for Allen Parish Schools.

The Board proceeded to vote between the two and by a 5-3 voting margin, Tall was elected to be the district’s new chief. After, the school board decided to record the vote as a unanimous decision to show “unity,” stated by Jon Guice, an attorney for the school board, who was said to have played a key role of the process of electing a new Superintendent.

Tall is married and is a mother to one son. She recieved her Bachelor’s Degree from ULL in 1993 and a Master’s Degree in Education from McNeese State University in 2000. She's a certified Speech Language Pathologist and certified in Special Education, in addition to being certified for supervision roles at the district level.


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