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FACT CHECK: FB Event headlining Morgan Wallen at Cajundome in July 2023 is false

An event made on Facebook by "Concert Music Concert & Festivals" headlining Morgan Wallen at the Cajundome in July 2023 is false.

EVEN News received confirmation that the event is, indeed, false and has been reported to Facebook.

The attachment above shows the event page, falsely stating that Morgan Wallen will be having a concert on July 7, 2023, at 7pm at the Cajundome in Lafayette.

While the event page seemed legit, many people were doubting its legitimacy due to both Morgan Wallen's social platforms and the Cajundome website not showing the event. EVEN News was later able to confirm, after reaching out the Cajundome officials, that the event is not true and the event was reported to Facebook.


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