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Pregnant dog goes missing for 4 days, then returns home not pregnant in bad condition; help needed

Bella weeks before she went missing

Bella is a 2 year old Siberian husky who went missing for 4 days while she was pregnant and close to her due date.

Dalia Alvarado, the owner of Bella, says that on the afternoon of October 20th, they were going to go and search for Bella after she was missing for 4 days. "We were gonna go on a hunt to see if we would find her when suddenly we seen her walking towards us..." said Alvarado.

Bella returned right when they were going to search for her, but there was something wrong with the Siberian husky. "She had no strength and was severely dehydrated, so we rushed her to Lafayette Animal Hospital," explained Alvarado. Bella had an open wound under her lower breast and stomach, and maggots all around it. "She was given antibiotics but it did not seem to help with her pain. We were allowed to bring her home, but she is still in pain. I want to get her the help but it's very expensive. My hands are tied."

Bella when she returned from vet visit.

While Bella returned in bad condition, her puppies did not return at all. "When she went missing, she was pregnant and close to giving birth, but when she came back, she was no longer pregnant." said Alvarado. "Animal Control did go on the look out for the puppies, but still to this day, they were not successful."

I suggested them too make a fundraiser to help raise funds to get Bella the medical help she needs, without the worry of financial conflict. Please considerate donating to Bella by clicking here. Please keep Bella and her puppies in your prayers in hope to find the puppies and bring them to their mother, and to help heal Bella.

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