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Polar Bears could die out by the year 2100

Scientists predict that most polar bears will die out by the year 2100 because of global warming. Even if global warming is slowed, the loss of polar ice means most polar bears will still be seriously affected.Polar bears are found in the far north, inside the Arctic Circle. Scientists believe there are about 25,000 polar bears left. Polar bears spend most of their lives on the ice which covers the Arctic seas.As the world gets hotter because of climate change, the Arctic is warming about twice as quickly as other places. This is making the ice cap smaller and thinner. Scientists say that by 2040, the ice could melt completely during the summers.

For polar bears, that’s a matter of life and death. Polar bears rely on the sea ice to travel, find mates, and hunt.

Seals are polar bears’ main food. Seals are rich in fat, which the polar bears need to survive in Arctic conditions.