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Local school districts facial covering and quarantine policy decisions

Governor John Bel Edwards lifted the mask mandate today, including K-12 schools under one exception; the school district must follow CDC quarantine recommendations, and not operate based off of the parent-choice quarantine policy that the State Superintendent Cade Brumley recently allowed.

The parent-choice quarantine policy grants the parent/legal guardian of a asymptomatic student who was exposed to another student in their class that tested positive the right to determine whether or not their child should quarantine. The policy wasn't mandatory, and school districts had the choice to implement it or not in their schools.

Following the Governor's remarks today, many school districts are making their decision on mask and quarantine determination policies in their schools. Below is a list of known rules in specified districts:

Acadia Parish

The Acadia Parish School System announced Wednesday that masks are now optional. More details here.

Lafayette Parish

The Lafayette Parish School System announced today that masks are now optional, following the Governor's new proclamation and the decline in positive COVID-19 cases. Their statement is below:

"Due to the decline in COVID cases, the current mask mandate set forth by the Governor has been lifted, effective October 27, 2021, for school districts that follow the existing quarantine guidelines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Read the proclamation here. LPSS has its quarantine procedure outlined in the Learn Lafayette plan; therefore, masks are now optional and are not required in our school district for students and staff. In the event of a positive case, LPSS will continue to quarantine those in close contact with a positive case. Students and staff members who are fully vaccinated are not required to quarantine if exposed to a positive COVID case. Read more here."

Vermilion Parish

The Vermilion Parish School Board announced many changes to their mask and quarantine policies today following the Governor's new proclamation. The changes are included in their statement below:

"Based on the Governor's proclamation today, the following mask policies are now in place:

Masks must be worn on school buses

Masks in the school building are optional and left up to student choice.

CDC guidelines for quarantining are in place. More quarantines could occur as the exception for masks wearing will not apply for those students who choose to not wear a mask.

Students that are vaccinated do not have to quarantine.

Students who have been positive in the last 90 days do not have to quarantine."

St. Landry Parish

Superintendent of St. Landry Parish Schools Patrick Jenkins said that there will be no changes to their polices as of now. Meaning, masks are still mandatory.

St. Martin Parish

As of now, St. Martin Parish schools will remain with their current mask and quarantine policies until further guidance is given. Meaning, masks are still mandatory.

Diocese of Lafayette

Diocese of Lafayette schools have announced today that masks are optional. Their statement is below:

“This is In light of the Governor lifting the mask mandate, effective immediately, Bishop Deshotel is opting to allow parents to determine if their children wear masks or not at school.“ the Diocese said in a statement. “In addition, wearing of masks while on school premises will be optional for all personnel. You are reminded that schools are to follow quarantine recommendations issued by the CDC and LDH." As of tomorrow, Wednesday, October 27th, masks are optional for all personnel.

This article will be updated time to time as school districts announce their modifications to their policies.