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Haseya's New Beginnings Animal Rescue to take over Crowley Animal Shelter

Haseya's New Beginnings Animal Rescue is announcing that they are taking over the Crowley Animal Shelter.

Kelli Briscoe, President of Haseyas New Beginnings Animal Rescue told EVEN News in a statement that "the Mayor of Crowley was genuinely upset about this, and is very willing to help us get started because he truly cares about the dogs..."

Mayor Tim Monceaux said "they were just having budget issues..." and they want to fix the problem, which is why he reached out to Briscoe.

They are waiting for approval from the Crowley City Council.

Briscoe also wants to let the community know that the only reason they would euthanize is if one of the animals is "deathly ill, and suffering."

They are currently accepting donations for their shelter in Rayne, but will be needing donations for their new shelter in Crowley. To donate, please click the link below.


Check them out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/haseyasnewbeginning/