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City of Rayne releases statement regarding the water discoloration many are experiencing

RAYNE, La- Many Rayne residents have been concerned about the color and quality of their tap water, uploading pictures and statements about the concern onto Facebook.

The following statement was released by the City of Rayne previously but, obviously, not many have seen it:

Message from City of Rayne Water Dept -

The City of Rayne's water treatment plant is undergoing a system upgrade, which is leading to discoloration in the water that some residents are seeing. The 60-year-old system is undergoing a $2.3 million "much needed" upgrade.

Part of the improvements is the replacement of the water treatment clarifier, which acts as a large filter where the water is treated by adding a polymer and lime. The process removes the iron and manganese from the water.

Since officials had to bypass the clarifier, the city has no treatment except for chlorination. Therefore, the discoloration some residents are seeing is the naturally occurring iron in the water.

The Department of Health and Hospitals is aware of the project, and says the water is safe. The city is under no boil advisories.

The project is in its final stage of completion. Thank you to the citizens of Rayne for the understanding and patience during the upgrades.”

EVEN News spoke with a city of Rayne resident Kristin Navarre. “This isn’t just a little yellow.”, she stated. “It left a film in the bottom of my tub after I drained it and it feels powdery.“ The attached images are from Navarre, showing the discolored water, and the “film” that she explains to be left after the water is drained.

The powdery substance that is left in the bath tub after the water is drained is still up to question. This article will be updated once we get clarification on what it actually is.