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Christian artist Lauren Daigle issues statements in regards to the recent backlash against her

Lauren Daigle, 29, on The Voice finale Tuesday night.

Lauren Daigle has released a statement in regards to her involvement in what was called to be a "pop-up concert" by many media sources, which really was just a spontaneous occurence for her.

When it all started, Daigle, known for her hit single "You Say", was simply riding her bike with a friend on the streets of New Orleans near the French Quarter when she noticed "NOPD barricades set in place and uniformed police officers providing protection for a gathering of people that had come to pray. " stated the christian singer. She was then asked to sing.

You can find the video of the event here:


Days after the event took place, Mayor of New Orleans Latoya Cantrell, enraged with anger, said in a press conference that the event was "not permitted, not allowed, not authorized, not coordinated at all by the city of New Orleans."

"We must always balance protecting constitutional rights and the freedom of expression with public safety concerns. While this was under the guise of a religious activity or event, we know that it put our people in danger," Cantrell said. "As a result the New Orleans Police Department had to treat it as such, meaning as a protest."

The mayor did not stop there. She also mailed a letter to Dick Clark Productions urging them to remove Daigle from their line-up to perform, all the while- Daigle was not even in the line-up, she was just being considered. You can read the mayor's full letter below:

Letter from Cantrell to DickClark
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