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Acadiana resident experiences frightening event involving a white van at a car wash in Scott

A resident of Acadiana, and viewer of EVEN News reached out to us in concern for the public's safety after a frightening event took place involving a white van.

While any type of vehicle can take place in a frightening event, some white van's have been known to act suspicious among people on their normal commute.

In particular, this Acadiana resident, who wishes to stay anonymous was at the self-service car wash near NuNu's Fresh Market in Scott (a picture is below) around 10:30pm one night during the week of October 12th, 2020 when they were washing their vehicle when "a white van pulled in, and while it was pulling in, I happened to turn around to get more change from the vehicle when I noticed it," said the anonymous interviewee, "and I jumped into my car to leave because you know you hear all those stories about white vans, and they just scare me, personally."

Self-Service Car Wash on St. Mary Street in Scott, LA

But, while you may think this action was foolish, it actually wasn't. As soon as they got into the vehicle to leave, the white van (described to have a megaphone on the front with a few ice cream stickers on the side) went in front and blocked the driver from being able to leave. Thankfully, all they had to do was back up, and take a right quickly to get out of the blockage and escape.

This is not the first time a white van was seen in Acadiana acting like this.

An officer with the Scott Police Department said they did not get any reports from anyone about suspicious activity with a white van, but does encourage people to call 911 if this was to happen to them.

"I'm never going out at night by myself like that again, I was really scared!" said the anonymous interviewee.