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Video shows crowd running after hearing gunshots near a Abbeville High football game

video credit: Shakelia Shelvin on Facebook

A video currently circulating around social media shows large crowds of people on Friday night at Abbeville High School's football game running after hearing sounds of gunshots coming from near the stadium.

Abbeville High admins stated that was an incident near the stadium, in the vicinity of N Lyman Street and Prairie Avenue; both Abbeville Police officers and city marshals were on the scene.

Eyewitnesses told EVEN News that as they were exiting the field at the end of the game, they began to hear gunshots near the field, leading to large crowds of people running and even some football players laying flat on the ground. One witness says that they allegedly heard 5 gunshots total.

The next day, the Abbeville High administration made a statement, postponing the homecoming dance. "Parents and guardians, last night at the conclusion of our homecoming game as patrons were exiting the stadium there was an incident in the vicinity of N Lyman and Prairie Ave. Abbeville Police Department and City Marshals were on the scene," the school administration stated. "Based on the events of last night, the homecoming dance for this evening has been postponed until a later date in November. Postponement of tonight's dance is prompted by too many unknowns and the administration's ability to provide a safe, adequate environment. We want to ensure that the dance is a fitting way to conclude the week after great student participation."

Information regarding the incident in the vicinity of N Lyman Street and Prairie Avenue is still unknown. This article will be updated when/if more details are released by officials.

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