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Maurice man arrested for hitting a school resource officer with his car in Vermilion Parish

A Maurice man has been officially arrested after being accused of hitting a school resource officer with his car.

Keith Dain Selles Jr., 37, was cited for disobeying traffic signals and police officers on Wednesday after being charged with aggravated assault and threatening a public official.

According to Vermilion Parish Sheriff's Office, the incident occurred on Wednesday morning as the SRO was controlling traffic in the school drop-off area. The school grounds have two lanes of traffic entering and leaving. According to deputies, a tan Toyota was trying to turn east from the westbound line while the SRO was directing cars to leave the lot.

The driver grew upset and disregarded the SRO when he directed him to head west. Deputies claim that despite the SRO's attempts to guide the driver, the car went east and struck him with such force that he was forced onto the car's hood. At that moment, the vehicle came to a stop, the driver pivoted, and departed, profanely denouncing the SRO and expressing threats of physical damage. The Vermilion Parish School Board provided video which documented the whole incident and assisted in the investigation.

The SRO received no injuries.

Thursday afternoon, Sellers remained in the Vermilion Parish jail; he also had been booked on three contempt of court warrants. Bond had been set on three of the charges, totaling $37,500, but three other charges had no bond set.


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