Local animal shelter dog needs help to get funds for surgeries for dogs

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

ACADIA PARISH- Haseyas New Beginning Animal Rescue in Acadia Parish needs help raising money to help with surgeries needed for dogs in their shelter. Maggie (pictured above) is in need of a ”Total Ear Canal Ablation and Bulla Osteotomy Tecabo” because of an infection in her ears. The surgery costs $4,400. The rescue brought Maggie to Dr. Chris Rumore, of Acadia Animal Medical Center, where he then said she would need a ear surgery. However, they did try to prevent the surgery with antibiotics, and other medication, but unfortunately that did not work. They then brought her to another vet, Dr. Olsen, of Crowley Vet Hospital, for another opinion. They tried injections in her ears, which only helped the swelling temporarily, and also tried a laser surgery which they had to stop because it could have damaged the ears worse. Which now brings them to need the Ear Canal surgery. There is multiple ways to help donate. You can see those all below. For more information about Haseyas Animal Rescue, visit them on the internet, www.haseyasnewbeginningar.com

Donating options:

PayPal: www.paypal.me/haseyasnewbeginning

Debit/Credit: www.haseyasnewbeginningar.com/donate

Checks: mail to 1321 Section Ave. Rayne, LA 70578

You can contact their Public Relations Coordinator, Even St. Julien, at estjulien@evennews.net if you have any questions regarding the rescue. Keep in mind that this rescue is in need of donations for multiple other reasons, and any amount helps. Food, toys